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Thursday, June 26, 2008

bar fly & glitter bug

bar fly

A certain doctor once told me that Atlanta has the highest saturation of plastic surgeons due to its teaching hospitals.  I'm not arguing.  An excess of silicone showed up at East Andrews last night for the WNDC party.  

I did get to peak inside the new Stout Irish Sports Pub ...

image courtesy of stout irish pub

Formerly the beloved Buckhead hangout McDuffs, it did not look like much had changed except the crowd... there was none.  Several positive improvements were made.  The atmosphere is still dark and warm, but there are actual legitimate bathroom stalls and the floors are a nice pink brick that has been finished to make them easy to clean and, therefore, sterilize.  I think the small customer pool was due to a misunderstanding about where the entertainment is... the pool tables (yes, plural) and dart boards are located downstairs just steps away from the rambunctious East Andrews crowd.  In short, it is not as bad as everyone imagined.  There are no techno DJ's and Miller High Life is still $1.00.  It's no place for flair, but worth bopping by if you hang out in the area.

56 East Andrews Drive Suite 16
Atlanta, GA 30305

glitter bug 

There are few things in life I like more than shoes... especially ones that sparkle.  My friends laugh and hope I'm kidding when I say I would eat nothing but cup-o-noodles for a pair of fantastic stilettos.  And, obviously, I was most impressed by the new floors at Stout because I love ALL bars that don't destroy my precious babies.

Photo courtesy of the official Betsey Johnson website

My all-time favorite (affordable) shoes are Betsey Johnson Glitter Polys.  They are absolutely outrageous and adorable.  One of my favorite "items of flair."  And the best part?  They are designed by a professional ballroom dancer, so while they may be sky-high they are perfectly padded and wonderful.  Like tiny glitter clouds floating below your feet.  My closet is covered with them, and I just got a new pair for my collection.  

A new pair of shoes and a new slush-free bar to break them in... how perfect!

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