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Monday, August 25, 2008

unearthing agate

semi-precious stone, dazzling accessory

Agate, a semi-precious gemstone, is a variety of quartz commonly associated with volcanic and metamorphic rocks. The colorful stone was given its name by Greek philosopher Theophrastus, who discovered the gem between the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE. The many varieties (noted by differences in colors and patterning) reflect the region and conditions under which the agate was formed. In antiquity, the Greeks used the stone to make jewelry and beads, while ancient Egyptians used the gem in decoration. Agate was believed to possess incredible powers and virtues as a medicinal cure from scorpion stings and snake bites. Today agate is most commonly used in ornaments and decoration.

Channel your inner gypsy this fall by accessorizing with this dazzling stone... take a break from pearls and combine earthy & classic with this elegant necklace from Tory Burch... or opt for bohemian chic with an agate-studded cuff...

Don't believe me? Check out the agate belts that turned up on the Gucci runway...

5-rock agate necklace, $325
tory burch
agate cuff, $195

gucci rtw fall 2008

a house of gems

If you're not into jewelry or you just can't imagine pairing a chunky slice of agate with your tailored Theory suit, try adding a touch of natural wonder to your home decor with brilliantly colored accessories of brazilian agate... Just looking at these gorgeous gem coasters makes me long for a stiff drink with Holly Golightly and Simon Doonan in a sun-drenched TriBeCa loft while the coasters make a bold, daily statement.

Rab Labs was created in 2002 by London-born Anna Rabinowicz, an accomplished product designer and current teacher at Parsons School of Art and Design in New York. Based in New York, Rab Labs currently offers a selection of coasters, plates, napkin rings, bowls, photo frames, ornaments, and bottlestoppers. According to Rabinowicz, "My intention is to bring natural, warm elements into spaces constructed of hard materials -- steel, glass, concrete, and plastic." Look for RabLabs fresh, natural designs at Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, and (of course) Vivre.

set of 4 brazillian agate coasters, $60

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