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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

crumpets & rococo noir

A rococo room in Gatchina, Russia

rococo = rocaille (Fr.) + baroque (It.)

Rococo is an 18th century style that infiltrated both fine art and interior furnishings. It is characterized by asymmetrical and fanciful, curved lines (the word "rocaille" is French for "shell") and ornate decoration.  Rococo rooms were designed as complete pieces of art, the furnishings complementing and completing the architecture.  The decorative style spread throughout Europe from England to Prussia, although some of the best preserved examples are in Russia.  

Personally, I LOVE the attention to detail and whimsical presence, which is why I'm crazy about its return.  Leave it to one of my favorite Italians Roberto Cavalli to come up with a terrific pair of rococo-inspired pants...

image courtesy of

If you can't afford those, try one of these magnificent little teapots from Rosanna.  They are the perfect addition to any table - modern chic with a hint of fabulous, frivolous history - and it just could be the most stylish cup of tea you've had.  Now all you need is a crumpet.

Rococo Noir teapot, $35.00, sugar bowl and creamer, $30.00

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