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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a girl and her shoes

christian louboutin glitter prive pumps
christian louboutin

my love affair with stilettos

There are some things in life that just can't be explained... like my life-long obsession with footwear. I love all types of design as long as it is inspired, and generally speaking, I am as impressed (or offended) by the motif on my paper plate at a barbecue as I am a set of Limoges china. But when it comes to footwear, I am a particularly picky princess: I judge a designer by his ability to make wearable shoes (there is physics involved believe it or not), and a girl by her ability to walk on a 5-inch platform... although occasionally a slight teeter is the fault of the shoe and not the neophyte wearing it (when the casualty is me of course).

Personally, I am a fan of pumps, slingbacks, and sandals. I don't really fall for the trends. If it's sky-high, I'll wear it. If it fits my style, I want it. And if it's glitter-dusted, I need it (see Bar Fly & Glitter Bug). Last winter, I nearly died when I first spied Christian Louboutin's magnificent glitter pumps on display at Neiman Marcus. For a girl who collects all things that sparkle, they appeared to be a gift from the Heavens... the baddest sparkle shoes ever made, the ultimate in frivolous flair, a creation of one of my all-time favorite French men... a shoe so perfectly "me" and yet so obviously unattainable for a starving artist. So I started planning and discovered that if I survived on nothing but Cup-o-Noodles for 3 months and eliminated all social activity costs (drinks, cab fare, etc.) I might be able to afford them. Needless to say, my plan did not last long. I got hungry for something besides freeze-dried noodles in broth before becoming a scary skeleton, and I owned up to the fact that I am both a bar fly and a glitter bug and hoped for a miracle.

When I first started printing, I used abstract drawings of my pretty babies to make turpentine prints. These days my art has absolutely nothing to do with sky-high stilettos, but the most decadent designs are still a great source of inspiration... and cover my walls. Here are some of my favorite fall designs of all shapes and sizes... I'd love and wear them all from the YSL Tribute pumps that memorialize a fashion idol to the funky Union Jack booties that are oh-so rock n' roll.

classic = ultimate investment pieces

a fantastic tribute to the great late designer...
yves saint laurent tribute pumps, $660 ysl
so satin chic...
christian louboutin satin platform sandals, $865 net-a-porter
perfect peeptoes...
alexander mcqueen stamped leather pumps, net-a-porter
better than neapolitan ice cream... (fall trend)
giuseppe zanotti multicolored pump, $595 eluxury

embellished = awe-inspiring yet appropriate flair

painterly pumps from dries...
dries van noten printed pump, $652 barneys new york (store)
so very french shoe boots... (fall trend)
christian louboutin c'est moi bootie, $825 net-a-porter
studded stilettos that show you mean business...
giuseppe zanotti mirror embellished ankle boot, $995 net-a-porter
channeling the east...
christian louboutin, $1095 bergdorf goodman/neiman marcus (store)

heart-stopping = irreverent, outstanding, & undeniable luxury

london calling...
alexander mcqueen union jack ankle boots, $1250 net-a-porter
if only i was rihanna... 
pierre hardy shoe, $1320 pierre hardy
fairly fantastic from the vault of ysl... 
yves saint laurent leather folies sandal, $995 ysl
completely breathless...
robert vivier haute couture sandal, robert vivier paris

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