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Monday, August 18, 2008

not your grandmother's chair

I love new design, but sometimes classic is best. A good piece of furniture is versatile and timeless... The wingback chair, for example, can be traced back to the early 18th century in both the northern United States and Great Britain. Originally designed to protect loungers from drafty houses by insulating the upper torso and shoulders, the wingback chair (also called the wing chair) has become a staple of classic American design. 

But just because this chair has been around for centuries does not mean it has to be frumpy or accompanied by a warm glass of milk. There are dozens of examples of hip, stylish wingbacks available today... for every style and budget.

So whether you're in the market for a good chair to snuggle up in with a book, or you just aren't sure what to do with that vintage piece you inherited from your mother, look no further. A neutral fabric or cool color is perfect for young and/or indecisive owners (you can change the look by swapping out colorful pillows and throws)... while a stately print can add depth and interest to just about any room.

chair 21

eight ideas
clockwise from top left...

1. nailhead
durant stretcher-frame wingback chair with nailhead detailing
martha stewart for bernhardt furniture,

2. carved
hanna chair with carved details, $1865.00
oly studio,

3. twill
joseph wingback chair in natural twill, $1498.00

4. printed
joseph wingback spindle chair in isle orawford "spindle" for christopher farr cloth, $1299.00

5. colored
beatrice chair in patton-aloe linen, $999.00
jayson home & garden chicago,

6. leather
similar to shown miss potter's wingback chair in leather, $1695.00
the victorian trading company,

7. modern
gertrude chair in ringo-cream linen, $499.00
jayson home & garden chicago,

8. luxury
vintage wingback chair in kelly wearstler's "imperial trellis"

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