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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a passage to india

pretty embroidered pillows on my bed
shades of grey

There is something so alluring about the East... I am fascinated by the culture, the colors, the animals... all of which seem so distant yet so inviting. Printmaker and textile king John Robshaw must feel the same way. Robshaw apparently traveled to India in search of authentic indigo dye and never looked back. Over the past few years his collection of hand block-printed textiles has sparked new interest in ancient techniques and given proper recognition to fabulous Indian artisans.

Robshaw's New York showroom is absolutely amazing... as colorful and as richly decorated as an authentic Eastern bazar. As much as I adore the vibrant colored prints, I like my bedroom to be tranquil and airy like a giant cloud, which is why I am a HUGE fan of the "precious metals" collection... the gold and pewter metallics are divinely elegant and add texture and ornament without overpowering the eye. The moment I saw these gold embroidered euros at Bungalow Classic, I knew I just had to have them...

And the most exciting part is that for the first time, Robshaw's work is easily accessible! Anthropologie offers exclusive bedding sets and art prints at retail stores and through their website, and Robshaw himself has opened his website to the public. So go ahead and find your eastern flair...

Bungalow Classic
1197 Howell Mill Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

"circus" decorative pillows by john robshaw
handprinted in jaipur, each takes an entire day to finish
12" x 18" (camel, leopard), $115
20"x 20" (tiger, ram), $140
26" x 26" (elephant, horse), $150

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