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Thursday, July 31, 2008

horst p. horst, a mainbocher corset, and a material girl

Horst Torso, George Hoyningen-Huene, Paris, 1931

 horst p. horst (1906-1999)

Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann is probably the most famous Vogue photographer of all time. Born in Germany, Horst had an early eye for avante-garde art which blossomed further when he met Baltic nobleman, established Vogue photographer, and future lover George Hoyningen-Heune (credited with the gorgeous portrait above). Horst partnered with Vogue in 1931 and became an instant success, photographing portraits of celebrities and winning the favor of famed French designer Coco Chanel. His legal name was changed to Horst P. Horst when he was granted American citizenship in 1943. He continued to contribute to Vogue and House & Garden until his death. His iconic photographs continue to inspire artists and designers alike.

madonna & the mainbocher corset

One of Horst's most famous images is The Mainbocher Corset photographed in the Paris Vogue studio in 1939. The photograph features the intricate work of American couture designer Mainbocher (1891-1976) whose haute couture gowns were favored by Wallis Simpson, Dutchess of Windsor and Gloria Vanderbilt. The photographer's fame and prestige reached its pinnacle when pop-diva Madonna recreated the enchanting and erotic image in her video homage to fashion, "Vogue" (1990). When you're loved by Madge, you're loved by all...

The Mainbocher Corset, Paris, 1939
horst p. horst

still shot from madonna's famous "vogue" music video (4:25/4:52)

selected inspirations...

Fur, pearls and diamonds, 1940

Jean Patchett in long fur cape

Gene Tierney, 1940

Ginger Rogers, 1936

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