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Monday, August 11, 2008

engaging cards & stationary

It's kinda crazy... I'm barely out of college and my life feels like its turning into a matrimonial frenzy. All of a sudden the hot topics of conversation are diamonds, dresses, and destination weddings. I have a few friends who are well on their way to starring in the 27 Dresses sequel... and not just girls. I've overheard a few of my guy friends discussing wedding details while throwing back beers at the bar with the same ease and fluidity as an SEC football debate.

Engagement announcements may spread like wildfire, but an appropriate response can be a bit tricky, as it generally deserves a touch more tact and class than a Facebook wall post... If I was the eponymous bridesmaid like Jane (Katherine Heigl), I would stockpile sweet letterpressed cards just like these in my emergency matrimonial arsenal... 

Unfortunately, I'm no Jane. So when I got word that two of my friends were getting hitched, I decided to turn to IOMOI, a very cool website that features adorable and personal e-stationary and accessories. IOMOI was founded by Irene Chen and Matthew Grenby, a couple living half a world away from each other. Their e-designs are modern, yet classic and the website could not be easier to use. All I had to do was type my message, then I could pick the font, color, and recipient! In seconds I had the style of a hand-written note with the efficiency of email. A 1-year unlimited membership is just $15, roughly the cost of 3 cards... The best part? You can try it out for free!

"engagement ring" greeting card by snow&graham, $3.50

"perfect match" greeting card by snow&graham, $3.50

"little miss engaged" greeting card by mr. boddington's studio, $5.50

example of a note written with IOMOI e-stationary

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