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Thursday, August 21, 2008

virtuous virgo

august 23 - september 22


So I know astrology is somewhat of a risky subject, as many people put as much faith in the stars as they did the Ouija board... but, I happen to be a fan of the mystical world, particularly the queen bee of astrological forecasts Susan Miller. Miller, who learned the art of astrology from her mother, has become an internationally acclaimed authority through her website as well as her monthly contributions to InStyle and CosmoGirl! magazines and guest appearances on Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, 20/20, and The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. In honor of this celestial diva, I have compiled a shopping guide for every sign, featuring the hottest and most unique finds... look to the stars to find inspired shopping.

If I didn't have a single virgo friend, I wouldn't be surprised. Virgos are are intelligently organized machines that require precise planning and pristine surroundings. They are meticulous perfectionists... the type of girl who has hand-pressed linens on her bed that perpetually smell of lilac, she'd never wear a pair of ripped jeans and dirt doesn't dare hide underneath her perfectly manicured nails. Virgos have wonderfully refined taste in food and fashion and like to stay up-to-date with trends. Most importantly, virgos enjoy constant productivity and intellectual stimulation, whether its a new book or a new project. Honestly, I'm tired just thinking about all that activity.

famous compadres: twiggy, lance armstrong, upton sinclare, beyonce, sophia loren, h.g. wells, hamilton jordan, bill murray, william h. taft, d.h. lawrence, peter lynch, buddy holly, lauren bacall, otis redding, arnold palmer, richard gere, christopher columbus, jerry seinfeld, ingrid bergman, michael jackson, yasser arafat, mother teresa, marco polo, elvis costello, and regis philbin.

Here are some fun VIRGO-inspired items I like... A magnificent compact like these from Estee Lauder adds a bit of glamour to daily make-up routine (just image you are Marilyn Monroe or Doris Day)... There is a reason why Chanel has started so many nail polish crazes -- it doesn't get "goopy" and the colors, both traditional and exotic, are quite fashion forward... Help keep the meticulous virgin organized and up-to-date with the latest iPhone (now available without waiting in line 11 hours)... fabric designer Virginia Johnson makes fabulously chic scarves and pillows in pretty geometric prints... tap into Virgo's intellectual side with a good book, be it a pulitzer prize-winning novel or talked about best-seller... keep things classic buy choosing a timeless silk necktie or scarf from French fashion house Hermes... invigorate desk/cubicle space with fabulous accessories like a Thomas Paul desk tray... in terms of flowers, stay simple and elegant with a bouquet of white calla lilies or a mix of blush roses and hydrangeas... a sweet room spray from John Galliano is perfect for an impeccable beauty... a gold-plated dictionary is the ultimate luxury for a book worm (seriously, who knew they made such stellar reference books?)... and I am absolutely crazy about these fun gold hoops at Fred Flare (apparently so is Beyonce, who sported them in a music video)... last but not least, soular therapy's candle, scented with sage and wintergreen, will keep the body and soul quite virginal...

estee lauder "tuberose gardenia" powder compact, $125, saks fifth avenue
estee lauder limited edition"treasured memories" compact, $60, estee lauder
chanel "le vernis" nail coulour, $20
apple iphone g3, $199
scarf and pillow, $98 and $75, virginia johnson
The Road by Cormac McCarthy, amazon
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, amazon
hermes silk necktie scarf
creation of adam 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle, $66, hobby masters

thomas paul desk tray, $8, seejanework
webster's deluxe dictionary, $160, seejanework
john galliano room spray, $60, barneys new york
virgo zodiac hoops, $10, fred flare

soular therapy astrological virgo candle, $26.00
essential oils: clary sage & wintergreen

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