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Monday, June 30, 2008

flower girl

shades of grey 2008

I just took an AMAZING trip to Paris where I attended floral design school at L'ecole Artistique de Catherine Muller at La Belle Ecole. Most people go to law school; I go to flower school. I try to avoid late-night cram sessions and standardized tests whenever possible. It's much more entertaining to hang out with crazy French designers than a Kaplan softback. The school was founded by floral master Christian Tortu, who has been called the "Yves Saint Laurent of flowers." Catherine Muller is fabulous rising talent and prodigy of Tortu whose avant-garde desings have earned her accolades in Tokyo, Seoul, and New York.

shades of grey 2008

We worked on everything from traditional round bouquets to large-scale floral installations... all while sipping tea from tiny green mercury glass cups. That's my kind of continuing education. These are just a few of my creations...

shades of grey 2008

The best part of the trip was, of course, Paris. Everything seems better in Paris. The streets are cluttered with flower markets and exquisite boutiques and boulangeries that showcase artisan breads executed as carefully as a Rodin. I met a fabulous French designer named Georges at the lobby bar of the posh Hotel Georges V (I was there to see the flowers, I swear). He told me that "Paris was the only city created for woman" in a thick French accent while he sipped on a beautiful French rose from the Loire valley. I didn't disagree. Instead, I traded in my cosmo and followed him and his entourage of elite Parisians doe-eyed for a splendid night out on the Champs-Elysees.

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Anonymous said...

You need to blog more! I check it like 5 times a day and I usually only get one post :(. By the way, it is coming along really really well. You are a great writer!

Love you,