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Monday, September 22, 2008

green bagging it

"beau bag" by beau soleil, $44

a stylish girl goes green

I recently discovered beau soleil a very interesting little company making very good looking "green" apparel... it is the creation of Anne Salvatore Epstein, a Manhattan girl with experience at Marc Jacobs and ISLI who traded her "overly excessive New York City lifestyle" for one much more organic. The company -- named after Epstein's favorite oyster -- focuses on sustainability, fair trade, and the use of organic raw materials, using fabrics made from bamboo, vegetable-dyed cotton, tencel (a product of eucalyptus trees), and recycled leather trims.

The bags are particularly pleasing to the eye. The original "beau bag" is a sensational cotton canvas sack... it bears an uncanny resemblance to Anya Hindmarch's (see green chic) but is much more affordable, actually obtainable (phew!), and available in three distinct color ways (natural canvas/grey, dark denim/white, light denim/red). Intrigued? So was sophisticate and supermodel Christy Brinkley, who sported the chic tote with a pencil skirt and pumps in July.

For those who want to start small, the "beau dob" cosmetic cases are the perfect size for daily essentials. Crafted from undyed, raw canvas and surplus leather tabs, each case features text on one side and the company's signature leaf logo on the back. Finally, the "beau pouch" is the perfect way to stow all those extra "library" cards you collect... it snaps onto any bag handle for safe keeeping. Now that's smart!

Find it... you can order products directly from beau soleil's website, or keep your eye out at fashionable retailers... SAKS Fifth Avenue stores, ABC Carpet & Home,, and

"beau dob" raw canvas cosmetic cases, $26

"beau pouch" credit card holder, $18

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