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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

write on!

Just yesterday I stopped by Sam Flax in search of my favorite color ink, when I stumbled upon the most fantastic new candy-colored display of linen notebooks and accessories. I tried to scoot by and continue on my boring errand, but the colors drew me in... and while I refrained from making yet another "unauthorized purchase," I also completely forgot to buy the ink...

semikolon by pierre belvedere

Since its foundation in 1960, Canadian-based group Pierre Belvedere Inc. has been committed to bringing the world the finest in custom paper products based on European tradition. Their latest addition? Semikolon International, a German subsidiary whose extensive line (about 55 items available in 14 colors) of brightly colored notebooks and accessories pack a serious punch at the office or home. "Just as the semicolon binds two sentences together, the Semikolon ; products complement each other in their use of shade and colours."

Who said functional couldn't be fabulous? "The Petit Voyage" -- featuring 152 sheets of beautiful watermarked paper, a linen cover with a stitched spine, a ribbon page marker, and attached pencil -- is perfect for the perpetual traveler or just about anyone on-the-go! It's available in a wide array of pretty colors (think marigold, burgundy, lilac, and marine) so that travelers may show off their own unique style.

Yellow Semikolon Petit Voyage Journal
semikolon petite voyage journal, $11

Ok, ok. So maybe you're not the type to wander through the streets of Paris sketching Notre Dame from afar on European watermarked paper... you're still in luck. The company makes tons of equally fabulous paper products with more uh, conventional uses. The "Interno" notebooks, for example, are eye-candy with purpose... thick spiral bound and filled with graph paper. And for clutter-bugs and paper-hoarders like me, there are filing accordions and folder boxes in European colors with slick finishing touches. Job well done, Pierre.

semikolon interno graph notebook
semikolon international

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