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Friday, September 19, 2008

you're a prize

Jessica Grindstaff Prize Ribbon
photo by Scott Irvine

competitive coping

I tend to think of myself as a free-spirit, a fairy-child who flutters about in a world of creativity and colors... This existence, albeit real at times, is in my head; sadly, my body has always existed on planet Earth where parents prod their children along like little cattle, tempting them to reach their dreams with licks of salt. I went to a fabulous and outrageously competitive prep school that taught its students how to succeed (or at the very least persevere) by ensuring that they regularly failed... a bit tough on the ego yet quite effective. With the help of Billy Ocean, I developed my own motto -- when the going gets tough, the tough get creative -- and my very own solution, the consolation prize

The consolation prize is a prize or celebratory act reserved for the most valiant failed attempts intended to momentarily lift the spirit of the devastated losing party. When executed properly, it is a beautiful, beautiful thing... and I honestly believe it may be the key ingredient to an eccentric's survival in a tailored world.

prize ribbons

Naturally, I love these clever prize ribbons by quirky New York artist Jessica Grindstaff. I think they are a hilarious and very attractive commentary on awards. Grindstaff began making the ribbons in 2006 and has officially awarded prizes to artists and individuals, including Yoko Ono and Bam Margera. They are available for sale in a rainbow of colors and featuring a variety of emblems (think bugs, anchors, cougars, skulls). This is one piece of flair I seriously must have... if not to parade around my bedroom in, then certainly for the next time I need some serious consoling. In the words of Grindstaff, "Everyone's a prize!"

Jessica Grindstaff Satin Prize Ribbons

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