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Monday, July 14, 2008

get organized

Cubicle Notes by See Jane Work, $3.25

As you can see by my tardy posts, like most creative people, I get distracted easily and have a tough time keeping on track. The good people at Apple have given me every modern gadget to keep myself organized from iCal to iPhone to an updated address book that syncs with my email... but I still have no reminder to blog, take my vitamins, or even eat dinner. So, I have decided to jet back to the stone age and actually use paper reminders for a while. 

When I was a kid, one of life's greatest pleasures were the days my mom would reluctantly buy me a "While You Were Out" pad at the office supply store. I documented (and invented) all sorts of urgent phone calls and messages... I have the carbon copies to prove it. I suppose some things never change, as I am completely tickled by these adorable, fun, and potentially useless cubicle notes from my favorite organization spot, See Jane Work. In addition to my cool new note pads, I am getting a journal so I can log all of my potential blog ideas and keep some kind of checklist when I complete them. I can tell this is going to work, and I will be organized in no time (or in 3-5 business days when the postman delivers my new mail).

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