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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

love songs

gratitudes & notes

Today was a very exciting day for shades of grey... I got my very first FAN mail! When I started this blog I was feeling quite ambitious. I had a fabulous vision of the greatness and need for this type of forum, as well as too many ideas to keep to myself. I've come to realize that blogging is a bit harder than I expected... There are thousands of blogs out there, it takes a lot longer than I thought to pick and edit blogs (because I am a perfectionist), and not having installed google analytics (a hit counter), I have absolutely NO idea if anyone is reading or if I am simply talking to myself unless you post a comment or view my full profile... In short, I am VERY appreciative of people who give me feedback. I want to know what you love, hate, or want more of because it makes my job more fun! You can even leave an anonymous comment, if you wish.

A word about the lust and listen sections: I try to highlight affordable and young items from emerging designers in my blog, but I am an absolute fiend for all things bespoke and couture, so these rare diamonds will appear in the weekly lust column, with links on the photo for anyone interested. The listen section is just an added bonus, and a way for me to give a nod to some of my greatest inspirations as well as my favorite cheap thrills. I am archiving my weekly picks from both columns as a way of tracking my developing taste... I also might think of something swell to do with these later.

So keep reading, and I'll keep writing! 

'the cure' to any life problem

People deal with stress in different ways... I have this doctor friend who is a workout machine -- no really, he recently broke two ribs lifting at the gym, which is pretty funny since he's an orthopedic surgeon (and apparently quite a 'man')... I listen to music. Honestly, I'm a bit of a music snob, although I am getting better.

Today, for example, I am listening to The Cure (ahhhhh). It got me thinking of things so classic that they just can't go out of style... like "Lovesong" from the 1989 release Disintegration. A really, really great tune that should lighten anyone's day... but since everyone has different taste, I thought I would compile some of the wonderful tributes (of various genres) to this musical masterpiece. 

the cure themselves...
robert smith, simon gallup, porl thompson, boris williams, roger o'donnel, & lol tolhurst
love song - the cure, disintegration, 1989

a singing/songwriting goddess...
love song -  tori amos, live on KROQ Radio, 1993
welcome to sunny florida tour, 2004

an irish songstress...
love song - naimee coleman, bring down the moon, 2001

some surfer punks...

a metal medley...
song - a perfect circle, eMOTIVe, 2004

and an unforgettable indy entity...
love song - death cab for cutie, live, 2007

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