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Friday, July 25, 2008

tray fabulous

faces tray 12" x 8.5", $28.00

shopping with a cause

My favorite home magazine by far was House and Garden, which bit the dust and was replaced by the younger Domino. It had a fabulous column called "At Home With," which featured cool nick-knacks from the houses of designers, artists, and stars. I saw these plexiglass serving trays when runway model Carolyn Murphy was featured and was absolutely smitten. They are bohemian cool and global fabulous. Each tray is an original work of a disabled child of the Future School in Hue, Vietnam and proceeds are used to fund medical programs in Vietnam via The SPIRAL Foundation. 

Since 2003 the purchase of these items produced at The SPIRAL Foundation Workshop in Hue has helped fund 230 heart surgeries of poor Vietnamese children affected by congenital heart disease.

At just under thirty dollars, I think it's money well spent!

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