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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

lovin' leo

july 23 - august 22


behold the lion...

If I had to use one adjective to describe the leo it would be a good way. As an aquarius, I could not be more dissimilar; however, many of my closest friends are leos because they possess an amazing and infectious magnetism. Lions and lionesses are bold in disposition, action, taste, and style. They know what they want and aren't afraid of chasing it. They are confident and self-indulgent... to a meek individual they might appear pompous, patronizing, or superficial. 

Leos are ruled by the strength of the sun. They are powerful leaders, consummate entertainers, generous friends, and respected individuals... the kind of people who take life to the limits. They enjoy the luxurious and the exotic... from precious jewels and foreign travel to an interesting or rare drink and an amusing book.

famous compadres: napoleon bonaparte, coco chanel, kevin spacey, bill clinton, mick jagger, madonna, jacqueline kennedy onassis, henry ford, yves saint laurent, jerry garcia, aldous huxley, hulk hogan, arnold schwarzenegger, martha stewart, charlize theron, andy warhol, and tori amos.

Here are some LEO-inspired items that I think are interesting (and so would just about anyone)... Veuve Clicquot ("the black widow") is one of my favorite champagnes, and a rose makes it that much cuter... Red wines from Italy's Piedmont region (such as barolo or barbaresco) are considered to be some of the best in the world... I'm not much of a beer drinker, but I am a fan of Harpoon's IPA (and it's such a pretty bottle to bring someone)... and Young's Double Chocolate Stout made with real coco and malt is anything but ordinary... an old fashioned board game like Monopoly to bring out their playful side... since leo is ruled by the sun, a fabulous pair of sunglasses is a safe bet... in terms of flowers, go bold/exotic/luxurious with a monochromatic bouquet of orange orchids or ruby roses... the lioness loves chic underpinnings like this pretty little set from genius John Galliano I've been obsessing over since I saw them in Paris (good luck finding them in the U.S.)... celebrity chef Mario Batali (of the Food Network and Babbo NYC) has opened a wine store dedicated to selling fine Italian wines and has cool accessories like vintage cork screws... and for the astrology novice (or when you just have no clue what to get someone) there is always a pretty candle like this one from Soular Therapy, a pungent citrus that could bring out the inner prowess in just about anyone...

roagna 1999 paja barbaresco, italy
harpoon ipa, windsor, vermont
young's luxurious double chocolate stout, england
veuve clicquot rose champagne, france

monopoly by parker-brothers
marc jacobs sunglasses, barneys co-op
a gorgeous vase of golden orchids
john galliano pinstripe lingerie

vintage corkscrew, $52.50
"american walker patent with beer advertising" (1890-1910)

soular therapy astrological "leo" candle, $26.00
essential oils: orange & lemon

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